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the berkshire story

re·vive verb  


:to restore to life or consciousness: become active or flourishing again. 


We aim to revive ourselves, our community, and our planet.  

We believe that we all can do better, and we at berkshire will do our part. We will foster a healthy community that lives in a healthy environment by using our platform to promote change.  

There is a lot of work to do.  

We’re cultivating a community of individuals who want to create an enriched world for future generations through their voices and actions.  

Everything we do affects us, our friends, our family, and the planet. It is what we do today that will improve and revive tomorrow. 

It starts by looking inward and how we as individuals can enrich our own lives.  

It expands to our community. We are the home of a diverse group of people, and we embrace everyone’s individuality, uniqueness, and authenticity. In fact - we encourage it.  

It extends to our planet and creating a sustainable environment. From the materials we select to our partners and alliances to the products we produce. We will be better tomorrow than we are today.  

The berkshire community is on a journey to revive our lives in every way.