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Building a Place to Meditate

It can be tough to find a place to meditate in your home, and if you’re living in a city, it’s especially likely that you’ll have to carve out a corner of your bedroom or office rather than have a dedicated meditation room.

But with just a few simple additions, you can create a retreat from the worries of the outside world. Here’s a guide to building a meditation room in your apartment or home.

Let the Light In

Open the Blinds

If you’re able, try to find a room that gets natural light from a window. Seeing a bit of sunlight can go a long way in creating a calming atmosphere that will make it easier to meditate.

Swap Your Lightbulbs

If you don’t have access to a room with natural light, try swapping out the standard light bulbs with ones that offer a softer, warmer glow—The Philips Warm Glow collection—gives you the ability to dim the lights to your liking. Perfect for setting the right mood to mediate peacefully.

Add a Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you’re unable to change or adjust the overhead lighting, a—Himalayan Salt Lampmight be able to do the trick—Himalayan Salt Lamps—are said to do everything fromoxygenate the brain to reduce symptoms of things like Seasonal Affective Disorder, and even boost your immune system. Regardless of the reliability of these supposed health benefits—Himalayan Salt Lampscast a warm light that’s less distracting and makes it easier to concentrate.

Stay Warm, Stay Focused

A crucial component of meditating effectively is ensuring that you’re comfortable enough to stay focused on repeating your mantra or clearing your mind. Making sure you’re not too hot or cold is important, otherwise you risk your mind wandering to your discomfort and taking you out of the right headspace.

Get a Good Throw

The soft and inviting feeling of being wrapped up in a throw blanket can help you find the right mindset to meditate more effectively. Our collection of throws are made with sustainable fabric, are available in soothing colorways, and offer just the right amount of warmth to keep you centered.

Wynwood Merino Wool Throw

Merino wool is a miracle fiber that's naturally moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, and incredibly insulating. Plus, the bright marigold colorway is sure to give you a boost when you need it most.


Ryoanji Organic Cotton Knit Throw

Looking for something a little bit lighter? Our organic cotton throws are the perfect light layer to throw on when the sun starts to set.


This new addition to our ryoanji collection comes in an earthy pampas grass colorway that lends a bit of natural beauty to any room.


Skonvirke Alpaca Wool Throw

Alpaca wool has been used to keep warm for thousands of years thanks to its remarkable insulating properties. It's naturally odor-resistant, extremely soft, and sustainable. Plus, the feeling of holding natural fibers in your hand can help you feel more connected with the outside world no matter where you are. 

Bring The Outdoors In


Introducing plants and succulents into your space has a proven ability to make you feel calmer and be more productive. Something about that close proximity to nature allows us to decompress in a way that we struggle to otherwise. 

Cacti and other succulents are likely readily available at hardware stores and nurseries and require little care or attention. So even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still introduce some green into your space.

Learn More About Meditation


There ‘s no shortage of different styles of meditation, and finding the right one that works for you and your lifestyle is an important part of creating a healthy habit that you’ll actually stick to. 

If you’re just starting out, there’s lots of great literature to learn more about meditation like—Meditation for Beginners - A Practical Guide to Quieting the Mind, Reducing Stress and Improving Focus by Alex Anderson

Transcendental Meditation involves committing to a 20-minute session twice a day, where you allow your mind to quiet by repeating a mantra given to you by an instructor.

Breathwork can also help you achieve a feeling of calmness. You can do these exercises anywhere, anytime. Want to try one now? Follow the instructions below:


The 5-5-5 breathing technique, otherwise known as Box Breathing, is a proven method to decrease stress and anxiety.


- Inhale slowly through your nose for 5 full seconds.

- Hold that breath for 5 seconds.

- Exhale through your nose for 5 full seconds.

- Hold your breath again for 5 full seconds.

- Do this for as many cycles as it takes for you to feel calm and relaxed.

If you’d like to learn more about breathwork, check out the book—Breath by James Nestor. There are also several —YouTube videos from instructors like—Wim Hof which achieve similar results through different breathing techniques.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, mediation is all about discovering what methods, techniques, and space works best for you. By committing to creating a healthy routine, you’re sure to learn more about yourself, and maybe even be surprised by how little you need to feel at peace even in just a small corner of your home.

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