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Building a Community of Eco-Creators

We Create from Berkshire on Vimeo.

We started berkshire because we believe sustainable home goods should be accessible to everyone. That's why we're working directly with eco-creators to design, produce, and create our products using recycled materials, create innovative manufacturing processes to reduce water use, and ensure that every product we make serves a real purpose in this world. 

We believe that sustainability is a constantly evolving process, and that as new technologies develop, we must continue to challenge ourselves to soften our footprints on the planet. But building a movement is about more than just products — it's about people. 

That's why we're building a community of eco-conscious creators, artists from a range of disciplines and backgrounds who share two things in common: they care about their impact on the planet, and they love to create things that are worth sharing.

Being a creator doesn't necessarily mean it's your full-time job, or that you went to school for it. We believe that anyone can be a creator. Our team at berkshire designs new styles, choose fabrics, experiment with colors, and pushes the limits of what's possible with sustainable manufacturing. But it's also full of poets and ceramicists, dancers and illustrators who fill up their free-time with acts of creation. 

You don't have to grab a brush or pick up a camera to create something special — you can use social media to build a movement, dance to your favorite song, or draw a small doodle.

All of these seemingly small acts add something meaningful to the world that wasn't there before. They're reinforcing the idea that being a creator is part of your identity, a choice that you make every single day. 

Stay tuned for interviews with some of our favorite eco-conscious creatives, blog posts with ideas to help spark your creativity, and the chance to get involved in the fight for a healthier planet.

We hope you'll join us in choosing to create something new every chance you get. Because art can change the world.

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